What is Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (aka Thermography)?

Updated: Apr 5

Living a healthy life is important to us all. And taking proactive steps to achieve our optimum level of health is something we should all strive to do. We endeavor to eat right and exercise and do our very best to prevent poor health. Unfortunately, illness, pain, disease and disorders can’t always be prevented by our actions. But it is important when they strike to do everything we can to diagnose, understand and treat them.

The HealthSCAN Thermography Clinic can provide clients with a screening method of detecting abnormalities within the body that may relate to a myriad of health issues, from disease, nameless medical conditions and unexplained pain. This scanning procedure is called thermography.

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) – is a non-invasive, no-radiation, FDA-approved test that uses an infrared camera to measure and pinpoint abnormal skin blood flow and temperatures. This can indicate abnormalities in the tissue and numerous physiological problems. The camera gauges body tissue heat energy that is reflected on a high-speed computer for imaging. Generally “problem areas” show high temperatures due to increased blood flow and increased metabolic activity or low temperatures due to restricted flow. All reports are interpreted by board certified MD thermologists.

Thermographic full body scans are a welcome aid for diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring therapy progress for conditions that include back injuries, arthritis, headache, nerve damage, Fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, disc disease, unexplained pain, referred pain syndrome, sprains, strains, stroke screening, whiplash, digestive disorders and many more.

The test gives a true reading through thermal imaging of how your body is doing in real time. Physiology is dynamic, while anatomy is static. Thermography gives an image of the immediate picture of any inflammation of the muscle or fiber and its location.

Thermography has proven to be extremely beneficial in detecting a variety of health issues, and this cutting edge technology has been deemed the leader in early breast screening. (In comparison to traditional methods, breast thermography may detect functional changes in breast tissue prior to mass or tumor formation and when they may be too small to be detected with X-rays. Completely non-intrusive and void of radiation, compression, contact or needles, the process is comfortable and exact.

This early detection is particularly useful during the early phases of rapid tumor growth. Thermography can be used for women of all ages and with all types of breast tissue and has shown to be very effective when dealing with young or dense breasts and those limited by surgical reconstruction or implants. To date 19 of the United States have enacted breast density notification laws which recommends women have further screening done. This includes Thermography, CT or MRI.

We regularly host Themography Clinics at Darou Wellness – our next Thermography clinic is on Tuesday November 6th.

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