Live Blood Analysis

Updated: Apr 26

Live Blood Cell Analysis

See your blood on a cellular level! With simple changes, you can effectively transform your blood and begin your journey to improve your health.

“Live blood testing enables us to see how your blood behaves in your body. By using a high powered microscope and high definition software we explain and walk you through what is found in your blood cells and plasma. This is a fascinating experience and seeing the immune system moving throughout the sample and also what is happening in the plasma and cells can help you put the puzzle pieces together to what’s happening on a different level.” (Microcell Science)

Even though live blood examines and tests for other issues not found in your regular blood work. Some components are the same however seeing it live exposes so much more as you’re viewing it with us. We also have many tools to look deeper and focus directly in certain areas of the body.

Live Blood can detect:

  1. Parasites

  2. Bacterial Infections

  3. Digestive upset

  4. Thyroid

  5. Adrenals

  6. Yeast

  7. Toxin overload

  8. Allergies

  9. Auto immune

  10. Stress

  11. Sleep issues

  12. Organ stress

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