Is something in the air bothering your sinuses?

Updated: Apr 5

By Jennifer Ide, R. BIE

Recently, I have been seeing many clients with sinus issues. Symptoms include nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, sneezing, wheezing, nasal drip, and/or itchy eyes. Some clients know exactly what their triggers are, but most are not too sure. This makes sense, since there are so many substances in the air, making it challenging to pinpoint what the culprit may be. Whether or not the culprit has been identified, it can be very frustrating and uncomfortable to consistently experience symptoms every time you take a breath!

There is a solution for you.

It’s BIE.

What is BIE and how can it help?

BIE stands for BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination. It is a fascinating, non-invasive technology that gets the body to re-recognize a stressor that is currently aggravating the body. The stressor could be a pollen, grass, pet fur, dust mites, mold, exhaust fumes, perfumes, etc.

During a BIE session, an assessment tool, referred to as biofeedback analysis (muscle testing), is used to identify the exact stressors that may be the cause of your sinus issues. Sometimes there is just one stressor involved, while other times, it could be the combination of substances that cause the problem — pollen coupled with diesel emissions, for example. A BIE session will help to uncover the major stressors. At this point, your body is identifying the stressor as harmful, when in actuality, it isn’t, therefore causing an inappropriate reaction.

So, how do we get your body to re-recognize the stressor as something that is not harmful?

Once the stressors have been identified through muscle testing, a patented device is used to direct the electromagnetic frequency of the stressors to the body. This normalizes your body to each of the stressors, allowing your body to become re-educated on the proper identity of the stressors. As such, the body can react appropriately when it’s exposed to those stressors in the future.

What are the benefits of using BIE to address your sinus issues?

Most people with sinus issues alleviate their symptoms through the use of medications like antihistamines and steroid inhalers. Both BIE and medications can help alleviate your sinus symptoms. However, the difference between BIE and medications is that BIE is completely safe, while the use of medications can have very dangerous side effects and/or make symptoms worse! For example with antihistamines, an animal study showed that mice injected with bee venom had an immune reaction, and when given an antihistamine, the reaction was further enhanced upon the next exposure to the bee venom. The researchers hypothesized that the antihistamines may have suppressed the ability for the mice to build up any sort of tolerance to the bee venom 2 .

In addition to being safe, BIE also helps to identify the stressor and then normalize your body to it. This is different than taking medication that just masks the symptom(s) and doesn’t resolve the issue. BIE gets to the bottom of your symptoms.

What’s next?

If you are interested in identifying and getting your body normalized to environmental stressors that are causing your sinus symptoms, I would be happy to assist you! You can book your initial consultation by calling our clinic . I look forward to connecting and accompanying you on your healing journey!

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